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Beefcake, BEEFCAKE!

If you haven't been living in a cave, then you should know what beefcaske means... It means South Park, the most damn funny cartoon made to this date. For those of you who do live in a cave, South Park is about four boys who live in Colorado, This cartoon is not for kids though, oh boy is it not for kids, especially with such themes as kicking babies and killing grandfathers.

Let's meet the boys

Eric Cartman, is the fat boy of the group, he is ignorant, rude, and angry, he's the funniest of the group, with his "kickass" statements and his manipulating his mom, after all, Mrs. Cartman spoils him rotten.

Kyle is the potty mouthed jewish kid who has the cool green hat. He hates his little brother and kicks him across the street, Kyle always has a smart remark about Cartman's weight problem.

Kenny is the little boy that wears a red parka so that all you can see is his eyes, also, when he talks, all you can hear is a mumble, which is cool, especially because Kenny is the perverted one, he's the only one knew what a dildo was, and when the boys were talking about kissing a girl, Kenny said something that Stan replied "What, how do you know she has a cat?" The weird thing about Kenny is that he dies each episode, and each show he comes back unexplained.

Stan is the popular kid, he is the quarterback for the elementary school football team, and he is Wendy Testaberger's boyfriend, he says the he doesn't like her but he does, he throws up every time she talks to him. Stan has a homosexual dog, and a sister that beats him up.


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